NVIDIA snags endorsement for DOOM 3

We've suspected for a while now, since ATI has cozied up to Valve over Half-Life 2, that NVIDIA and id Software might be making similar arrangements. Today, NVIDIA announced that id Software has endorsed the GeForce FX for use with DOOM 3:
NVIDIA is pleased to announce that id Software recommends the GeForce FX family of graphics processing units for DOOM 3. This week, many of our add-in card and system builder partners have begun to display a special sticker on their retail packaging and company Websites to promote this recommendation to consumers.

This marks a great achievement for GeForce FX GPUs. Look for this sticker on video cards equipped with a GeForce FX GPU and witness the mind-blowing detail of the DOOM 3 experience - the way it's meant to be played.

You can get a look at said sticker right here. Feel the excitement!

What exactly does this endorsement mean, beyond the obvious? Hard to say yet. Nothing here explicitly precludes similar endorsements for ATI, S3, XGI, and the rest. Could a game bundle deal be on the way, though?

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