Beyond3D snagged some interesting NV4x details from a presentation given by NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. Huang confirmed that NV4x is a scalable new architectural generation that's been specifically designed to offer more programmability and performance, but also higher yields.
When looking at the performance element of NV4x, Jen-Hsun expects the performance increment from the previous generation to be dramatically higher than any previous architectural transition they have previously been through. Indeed, presumably speaking about NV40 specifically, NVIDIA’s CEO states that "if we’re not a lot more than 2 times faster I’m going to be very disappointed". Upon discussing where such performance increases could come from he made note that due to the programmable nature of the graphics pipeline and that now applications are making use of this, more and more elements cane be brought over from the CPU world to enhance the instruction execution performance, and its expected that NV4x will adopt a lot of these techniques.
Interesting indeed.
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