HardOCP files suit against Infinium Labs

After enduring a series of litigation threats from vaporware console maker Infinium Labs, Kyle and the gang at the cold, HardOCP have decided to clear the air and preemptively seek resolution of this case in a Federal Court. The press release is right here. Also, Gamespot has a story about the case, including an interview with Kyle about why he decided to take this step. Here's a snippet:
We have two choices in this matter. HardOCP.com either cowers to Infinium Labs’ demands, or we embrace our right to free speech and our duty as a member of the media to report the truth on the gaming industry. The issue is much bigger than HardOCP.com. Infinium Labs is attacking a voice on the Net for sharing facts and opinions. I think we can all agree that this is a very dangerous issue to leave unchecked.
When will the world's bluffers and bullies understand that Texans aren't afraid to strike preemptively if necessary to defend their turf?
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