Microsoft raised $100 million for SCO?

Did Microsoft help raise $100 million in funding for SCO's legal misadventures? Open source advocate Eric S. Raymond thinks so, and he has leaked e-mail messages he's offering as proof. This so-called "Halloween X" memo seems to explain how Microsoft used third-party entities to funnel cash to SCO. This revelation comes on the heels of news SCO is suing AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler for using Linux. (Credit the slashy dot for keeping us up to date on all of this.)

If there is any light at the end of this tunnel for Linux users, perhaps the judge's recent order for SCO and IBM to produce disputed code is it. Of course, public knowledge of Microsoft's possible backing of the SCO lawsuits probably won't hurt, either. Then again, I'm not sure who or what Microsoft fears since the US government rolled over on antitrust enforcement.

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