Friday night beatdown in UT2004

Rather than beat on one another verbally, tonight I figured we could use rockets and guns. We have a pair of Unreal Tournament 2004 servers up and running now, and everything should be ready to roll.

Let me say once more that if you haven't tried this game yet, especially the Onslaught game type, you are missing out. This one will be a classic. Yes, joining in requires a little more effort than posting a heated comment in a raging FNT debate, but this is worth it.

To play, the first thing you need to do is go grab the demo here. Then, you can connect to either of our servers by starting the game, configuring your player and control settings, and bringing down the console by hitting the ~ key. Type "open (ip address)" to connect to a server. Our servers are:

  • Onslaught only:

  • Rotating gametypes and maps:
The server with rotating maps is provided courtesy of Two Degrees, who we'd like to thank for their generosity. Also, thanks to TR reader DancesWithLysol for making it happen. The Onslaught-only box is provided by forum regular Emkubed, who is also serving as our fearless game server admin. We may add more server instances if the boxes can handle it, but his should be a good start.
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