STMicro's GeForce killer

Take an extended gander at this EETimes article about STMicro's plans to jump off the porch and run with the big dawgs of graphics starting next month. They're already talking benchmarks, in fact:
The ST device will be extremely fast, Chambers said, and internal benchmarks on prototypes of the chip show that it delivers more performance than Nvidia Corp.'s GeForce 256, currently considered one of the fastest graphics chips on the market. Chambers promised that ST's chip will be priced slightly under the GeForce product.
These guys aren't really related to other companies in play recently—GigaPixel and S3's graphics arm. Instead STMicroeletronics manufactured parts for NVIDIA, and their new product "will be based on technology obtained through an alliance with VideoLogic Systems," according to EETimes. Yep, it's the revenge of PowerVR—or at least the return.
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