SP2 could break compatibility with insecure apps

It's becoming increasingly clear that the enhanced security features Microsoft is rolling into Windows XP Service Pack 2 may break compatibility with certain applications. Interestingly enough, some of Microsoft's own applications will require patches to be compatible with SP2. Microsoft has also created a developer forum to help third party software developers bring their applications up to speed.

While some have been quick to criticize Microsoft for breaking backwards compatibility, others have applauded Redmond for making security such a high priority. Microsoft also points out that SP2 incompatibilities will most likely be limited to insecure applications:

"SP2 will break some applications because they are insecure," he says. "Security is important, and it is not just a Microsoft problem but a developer community problem. We all need to work together to create a more secure computing environment."
If some applications rely on an insecure OS to function properly, perhaps breaking compatibility is a good thing.
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