Hitachi to announce 400GB hard drive

C|Net is reporting that Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is ready to announce a 7,200RPM ATA hard drive that weighs in at 400GB.
The company is billing the Deskstar 7K400 as the largest-capacity ATA drive with 3.5-inch platters. Currently, the largest 3.5-inch ATA drive is a 320GB product from Maxtor, according to John Monroe, an analyst at research firm Gartner. That drive, though, spins at 5,400rpm, which translates into slower performance than a 7,200rpm drive, Monroe said. He said 3.5-inch ATA drives running at 7,200rpm top out at 250GB.
Hitachi is reportedly targeting the drive at not only corporate data storage systems, but also consumer-level personal video recorders. With next generation PVRs supporting HDTV recording, the new drive's 7,200RPM spindle speed and 400GB capacity should definitely come in handy.
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