Microsoft, AOL, Earthlink, and Yahoo sue spammers

Wired is reporting that Microsoft, AOL, Earthlink, and Yahoo are filing lawsuits against six alleged spam operations under the United States' new Can Spam Act. In addition to sifting through the compromised servers and hijacked accounts used by many spammers, investigators are also following a money trail:
Microsoft, America Online, Earthlink and Yahoo expect to "follow the money" to discover the real identities of the people who are pushing millions of unwanted sales spiels through their e-mail servers. Since spam is intended to sell products, company representatives said, it's possible to follow the money trail straight to the spammers.
AOL touts its anti-spam initiative as "just the beginning," but considering the number of email offers for Vicodin that have hit my inbox this morning alone, I fear the end is far from sight.
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