VIA announces UniChrome-powered chipsets

VIA has officially announced PM800 and PM880 IGP chipsets that incorporate S3's UniChrome graphics core. The PM800 and PM880 are compatible with Intel Pentium 4 processors (and presumably Socket 478 Celerons) and feature all sorts of nifty video features:
Featuring a high-performance 2D/3D graphics engine and the revolutionary Chromotion CE Video Display Engine, UniChrome Pro offers a true Hi-Def visual experience on all display devices, including CRT and LCD screens, as well as standard and new generation digital TVs. This includes groundbreaking support for all HDTV formats, including the latest “Super” HDTV 1080p displays, setting a new standard for display support from an IGP chipset.

The Chromotion CE Video Display Engine also includes an integrated hardware MPEG-2 decoder, ensuring flawless DVD playback with ultra-low CPU utilization, and utilizes advanced video rendering techniques, such as Adaptive De-interlacing and Video De-blocking, to deliver perfect playback of interlaced video on the PC.

The PM800 and PM880 may not be the fastest Pentium 4 chipsets on the block, but they could very well offer better integrated graphics performance than ATI's Radeon 9100 IGP. With support for Hi-Def output, the UniChrome-powered IGPs could be perfect for home theater systems, too.
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