More on Intel's model numbers revealed

HardOCP spotted some new details on Intel's upcoming processor model number scheme over at PC Watch. The article isn't in English, but a picture reveals that Dothan and Extreme Edition chips will be classified as 7xx-series chips, mobile and desktop Prescott Pentium 4s will be 5xx-series chips, and Celerons will fill out the 3xx-series. It appears that the last two digits in a processor's model number will be used to convey the chip's relative clock speed. C|Net delivers the inevitable car analogy:
Sources familiar with Intel's plans said that the chipmaker in May will begin affixing each of its new processors with a number designed to help consumers decipher how the features stack up against other processors in the same family. Intel will use numbers in the ranges of 300, 500 and 700, similar to the model numbers BMW uses on its sedans.
The huge clock-for-clock performance disparity between the Pentium 4 and Pentium M highlights the problems associated with using clock speeds to convey a processor's relative performance, but I'll reserve judgement on Intel's model number scheme until we can officially confirm which processors will carry which model numbers.
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