VIA, S3 in talks over S3 graphics biz

Despite my best efforts, it seems the leading candidate to by up S3's graphics business is VIA Technologies. The company is in talks with S3 according to an EBN report. The two might be a good fit, since they're already working together. From EBN:
Nevertheless, such talks would be unsurprising, given that the companies already have formed S3-Via Inc., a separate concern created to combine the companies' respective graphics and core-logic chipset technologies in devices for the low-end PC market.
Although VIA is now known to be pursing a possible purchase of S3's graphics arm, other contenders shouldn't be ruled out yet. Nevertheless, NVIDIA is denying any involvement at present:
S3 rival Nvidia Corp., Santa Clara, was also rumored to be a candidate to purchase the chip business, although the company has denied that it engaged in any such talks. “We're not currently in discussions with S3 about an acquisition of their graphics business,” said Chris Hoberg, Nvidia's chief financial officer.
'twill be interesting to see how this one turns out.
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