Best Buy bait 'n' switch over UT2004 SE?

Long-time TR reader Dposcorp is not pleased with how Best Buy handled his preorder for UT2004 SE. Here's his story:
I, and a lot of other people it seems like, got screwed over by Best Buy. Not the normal GF4-video-card-priced-wrong job, but something a little worse. It seems a bunch of us gamers decided to pre-order the "Special DVD Edition" of UT2K4, the one on DVD, in the metal box, with the free headset, for $29.99. We played the demo, had fun, and $29.99 seemed like a great deal for all we got. (Not to mention $10 back if you owned UT2K3.)

Well, after we placed our orders, our orders were confirmed and we thought all was well. As you may have heard, Best Buy ended up canceling a lot of the "pre-orders" saying that they sold out. Now, even after they canceled our pre-orders, people were still able to pick up the "SE" copy at the store for $29.99.

Those of us who found out a day or two later that our orders were canceled ran to and/or called various stores trying to find it, but the stores had usually sold out of the copy. At this time, a salesperson would direct us to the CD-ROM version of the game, which was priced at $39.99.

Sounds fishy, doesn't it? If you had a similar experience, you can contact Dposcorp directly at or post in the comments here. He's looking to collect names so he can consider some form of collective action to protest these practices.
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