Novell to push desktop Linux

I suppose somebody had to do it eventually, but the Netware guys? It seems so, as the owners of SuSE are gearing up for a full-court press on desktop Linux, directly taking on Windows:
"We're focusing on building a complete Linux desktop as an alternative to what you've been using," Novell Vice Chairman Chris Stone told Novell loyalists at the company's BrainShare conference here. "We believe that in the next 12 months, we will see the widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop."
I had thought Apple was the best choice to put a happy face on Unix for the rest of the world, but OS X seems to be a niche product confined to proprietary hardware, while Linux remains the very definition of open software. Is Mr. Stone a visionary, or did his NLMs just fail to load in the proper order this morning?

(Thanks to JT for the link.)

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