Apple in hot water over 'world's fastest' claims has the story:
The Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that Apple Computer discontinue comparative performance claims regarding its Power Mac G5 desktop.

Acting on a tip from Apple rival Dell, the council's National Advertising Division (NAD) "determined that the evidence provided by Apple did not provide a reasonable basis for its broad unqualified claims that its Power Mac G5 is 'the world's fastest, most powerful personal computer' and that it 'edged out the competition on integer.'"

(Thanks Perezoso.)

Apple has been making inflated claims about its computers' relative performance for a long, long time and getting away with it, but Steve Job's Reality Distortion Field seems to have been pierced, if only briefly. The G5 may be a step forward for the Mac, but Intel and AMD play for keeps, and calling the PowerMac's the "world's fastest" doesn't pass the smell test, nor does claiming to have the first 64-bit personal computer when Opteron systems were available first.

For what it's worth, we've invited Apple to send a PowerMac G5 to participate in one of our big performance comparisons, but the company declined.

Note: this bit of news will serve as our Friday Night Topic this week. Discuss.

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