Intel's desktop, notebook chips to share same core

C|Net is reporting that Intel will derive future desktop and notebook processors from a common processor core optimized for performance at lower clock speeds. This new "Merom" core will be built with an eye towards lower power consumption, but isn't tapped for desktop use until 2007. However, Intel may migrate "Jonah," a new Pentium M core that could be built using a 0.65-micron fabrication process, to desktops as early as 2006.
The convergence of the two chip families through Merom means that desktop performance won't likely slow down, but the acceleration of megahertz will. Some notebook chips may creep into the desktop line with Jonah, a predecessor of Merom, due in 2006. A new chip-numbering plan that de-emphasizes megahertz will help Intel get around any thorny marketing issues.
Jonah is rumored to be a dual-core chip, which could complicate processor rating schemes even more. Thanks to TR regular Perezoso for the tip.
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