Rambus round II

Van's Smith's recent article at Tom's Hardware Guide about the problems with Rambus sent the company's stock into a plunge, believe it or not. Then, an analyst at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter claimed the stock ought to be worth $500 a share, and it shot back up again briskly. This little episode illustrates the volatility in the RAM market as Intel's planned successor to SDRAM has hit "sink or swim" time and started bobbing erratically.

Van Smith is back to lend a helping hand of sorts, holding Rambus's head gently beneath the waves. Van takes on the financial types with his tech-jitsu, putting the emphasis on what he (and THG) does best. Of course, the article was published during the day yesterday, and Rambus stock took a beating during the day. (Wasn't a good day for tech stocks anyhow, but still...) Be sure to read to the end of this one for a juicy insider quotation about how Intel has created a monster in Rambus. Tasty stuff.

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