Wal-Mart hawks Sun-based Microtel PCs

Wal-Mart has started selling Microtel PCs running Sun's Java Desktop System. The Sun Java Desktop is based on Linux and includes the GNOME desktop, StarOffice, Mozilla, Evolution, and the Java 2 Standard Edition. Sun-equipped Microtel PCs are available alongside Linux-based systems running Lindows, Linare, and the Lycoris desktop, and Wal-Mart also offers a line of Microtel PCs that come with Windows XP.

Sun is apparently impressed with Wal-Mart's PCs, too:

"We are seriously considering Wal-Mart to be the PC supplier for Sun Microsystems," Jonathan Schwartz, head of Sun's software group, said in a meeting with reporters here Tuesday.
It's been interesting to see Microtel's Linux-based PC line grow over the past couple of years. Microtel's wares aren't getting any cheaper with time, but the low-end systems are getting more and more powerful with each iteration.
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