Penny Arcade to 'come clean'

Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, better known as Gabriel and Tycho of Penny Arcade fame, announced today that their comic would no longer contain bad language or violence.

"We thought about it and decided that it's probably time to ditch the potty mouth." said Holkins. "After all, Gabe's got a kid on the way, and the first time that baby repeats a bad word of his, Kara is gonna kill him."

But those aren't the only changes in store for the online comic, as Krahulik and Holkins announced a new focus as well. No longer will Gabe and Tycho talk about the latest roleplaying game or shoot-em-up. Instead, Penny Arcade will become a review site which posts critiques of children's educational games in comic book form. "It just seems like the next logical step," said Krahulik. "I mean, Kevin Smith has gone from Clerks to Jersey Girl, so now it's our turn."

The look of the strip will also change, as Gabe and Tycho are replaced by two new characters, Twisp and Catsby, who premiered last month in this comic.

Krahulik and Holkins admit that their current fan base might not approve of the changes in store. "Oh sure, there will be the people who miss the talk of robot cats, space devils and the wonder twins' incestuous relationship, but we just ask that they give the new PA a chance. We're kicking things off with a round-up of games based on Disney franchises. You should come check it out, it's gonna be fu.... swell. It's gonna be swell."

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