IBM gets to .13 microns

Yep, IBM is at it again, pushing the boundaries in chip fabrication. Have a look at the EETimes account of Big Blue's latest breakthrough, which should allow mass production of chips at a .13-micron feature size. This process promises to keep Moore's Law rolling along well:
Davari said that the first IBM processors to use the technology will likely be the Power4 devices and that the combination of 130-nm line widths, copper interconnect and low-k material will allow initial frequencies in the range of 1.5 GHz or better. Further down the road, speeds will increase significantly.

"At the 0.13-micron level, we will eventually see processor frequencies of upwards of 3 GHz, and beyond," he said. The first ASIC products to use the process will likely be engines for high-speed networking products, which demand the fastest performance available.

This process should get the G4 up to speed, if Motorola will let Apple buy 'em from IBM.
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