Antec intros Aria cube-shaped case

Word of this thing has been kicking about for a few weeks at least, but Antec made it official today with a press release. The Aria is a little larger than a Shuttle XPC, but it's quite a bit smaller than your average PC case. And it's not proprietary:
Unlike small cases that require proprietary motherboards, Aria will accept any MicroATX (9.6" x 9.6") motherboard and host up to four full-height PCI expansion cards. The customized power supply is equipped with universal input, allowing Aria to automatically accept line voltages from 100V to 240V AC, and comes with Active PFC for environmentally friendly power usage. Aria's removable side panels and flip-up drive cage allow for easy access and installation.
DFI, maker of the vaunted LANParty series of mobos, is known to be working on a motherboard that could fit into the Aria. Antec is also touting the Aria's low noise, claiming "It's the quietest PC case in the world. Period." You can see pictures and hear more of the spiel here at Antec's site. The Aria is due to ship April 15 in North America and May 1 in Europe.
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