Analysis: Intel reverse-engineered AMD64

In an article published in The Microprocessor Report, analyst Tom Halfhill will detail the similarities between Intel's and AMD's 64-bit extensions. Although it is normal for chipmakers like AMD to reverse-engineer Intel technologies such as MMX and SSE, it is uncommon to see the opposite, but this time, that appears to be the case.

Halfhill's research points to a "smoking gun," proving that Intel's IA-32e is an implementation of AMD's initial x86-64 specification. He sees IA-32e's lack of two specific instructions as no coincidence, because the very same pair were omitted from the original AMD spec document, published in August 2000. Intel engineers did not contradict his conclusion, and told Halfhill that they were unaware of the discrepancy until he contacted them. The article does not say when AMD added these details to its nearly four year old docs, but clearly, Intel's interest in x86-64 is nothing new.

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