ATI releases Catalyst 4.4

ATI has just let loose with another update to the driver and software suite for its Radeon cards. This release, 4.4, brings the video drivers up to version 8.0 and Multimedia Center to version 9.0. New features are scarce this time around, but Multimedia Center does gain some enhancements to the EAZYLOOK interface and the ability to export video files to standard formats like MPEG4.

There's a long list of bug fixes. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Connecting a secondary CRT and enabling VPU Recover no longer results in the operating system failing to restore itself

  • Setting the display resolution to 1024x768 32bpp and switching the DVI connector for HDTV to 480i no longer results in the HDTV device not working within the ATI Control Panel

  • Intermittent texture corruption and flashing is no longer seen when playing the game Battlefield 1942

  • The shadow of the characters in the game Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow are now being displayed properly

  • Display corruption is no longer seen when playing the demo version of the game Far Cry
  • You can read the rest of the release notes here and grab the version for WinXP here. ATI promises "something totally innovative and new for CATALYST" in "a few months," as well.
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