Next-gen ATI bumped to 16 pixel pipes?

Clubic is reporting (Google translation here), that ATI will introduce a next-gen graphics chip with 16 pixel pipelines. Previous reports had R420 rolling out with 12 pipelines, but ATI may feel they need a few extra pipelines to compete with NV40.
According to our information architecture ' scalable' of R420 makes it possible during manufacture to privilege the yield (output/a number of chips functional and exploitable at exit of factory) or numbers it pixel pipelines. The chip of the R420 family (can be R423?) who comprises 16 pipes will be thus produced in small quantity and will address himself mainly to the top-of-the-range market. Let us add to that that this version 16 pipes of R4xx will be available in AGP 8x or PCI-Express train 16x.
If this is the case, it's probably only a matter of time before someone figures out how to unlock dormant pipelines in R420.
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