Intel intros new Itanium, Xscale chips

Intel has rolled out a handful of new additions to its lesser-known product families. In the Itanium world, Intel introduced 1.4 and 1.6GHz Itanium 2 processors with 3MB of cache. The chips are targeted at dual-processor workstations and cluster applications, but with Opteron, the PowerPC 970, and soon Intel's own "Nocona" Xeons making a play for the 64-bit market, one has to wonder if there's any room left for low-end Itaniums.

In addition to beefing up its Itanium line, Intel also announced Xscale-based "Bulverde" and "Marathon" chips for cell phones and PDAs. The new Xscale chips are particularly interesting because they include support for MMX instructions and Speedstep technology. Bulverde also comes with a number of Trusted Computing Modules to handle hardware-accelerated cryptography, virtual private networks, and SSL tasks.

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