Iomega Revs up for faster archiving

Iomega is bringing some jazz back to its lineup with the new Rev drive. Working from the playbook of an earlier product, Rev offers fast, relatively inexpensive storage in a sleek black package. Functionally identical to a hard drive, Iomega's system consists of a $60 sealed disk, containing the delicate heads, platter, and spindle motor of a hard disk, and the balance of the components inside the Rev drive itself. Because it is a hard drive, Iomega claims, Rev will be faster than tape and behave almost transparently "as a standard drive letter", and by offloading critical moving parts to removable disks, the drive itself should be more reliable. Shipping with one Rev disk, the internal ATAPI model carries a price tag of $380, and the external USB 2.0 drive is a relative bargain at $400, with SCSI, SATA, and FireWire incarnations to come.
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