The folks at Abit have added some momentum for their ACON4 gaming event by bringing on ATI as a graphics sponsor. These guys are up over $150K in total prizes now, including a trip to Shanghai for the regional winners to participate in the finals. Unlike a lot of LAN events, this one is based on Warcraft III, so if you are good at that kind of game, check it out. I expect some of the usual "pro gamers" won't be contending in this event.

Also, now that I'm home and rested, I should mention a few things as follow-ups to my GeForce 6800 Ultra review. I was in quite a rush to get the review together, and I couldn't spend the time I wanted investigating these things beforehand. First, I was smoking crack when I said the GeForce 6800 Ultra would likely break 13K in 3DMark03 with a faster CPU. Clearly, GPU overclocking would have to be involved in any such feat. Second, I believe the 8X antialiasing mode on the 6800 Ultra is 2X multisampling and 4X supersampling, which would explain the big performance hit, the texture image quality differences, and the four different texture sample points. I am waiting on confirmation of this point from NVIDIA, but I believe that's the case.

Oh, and if you've bought memory recently, perhaps you can answer my question.

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