Fast times at AMD

The EETimes reports that AMD is now sampling Athlons with copper interconnects. This isn't just a copper Athlon, either; it's the new Thunderbird core with full-speed, on-die L2 cache. There's no word on what kinds of clock frequencies the copper chips will run yet, but the report claims simply: "Wafer yields are high and stable for both Athlon processors and 4-Mbit SRAM chips based on the new process."

This may be total bunk, but it's fun bunk. There's a post at JC's with some supposed benchmarks from the new Thunderbird and Spitfire Athlons. If they are somehow for real, the Athlon is about to smack down the competition in the worst way.

Meanwhile, AMD issued a press release today with word of record sales of more than $1 billion for the first quarter of 2000. The sold over 1.2 million Athlons during that time, as well. That's a lotta Golden Fingers.

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