AMD prototyping 0.09-micron processors

EE Times is reporting that AMD has begun prototyping processors using a 0.09-micron fabrication process. AMD is using "Black Diamond" low-k insulator technology, which we've already seen in ATI's 0.13-micron RV360 GPU. According to Thomas Sunderman, AMD's director of manufacturing technology, the move to low-k 0.09-micron parts will provide "significant power savings."

AMD expects to begin commercial shipments of 0.09-micron parts in the third quarter of this year, but according to this story over at Xbit Labs, mass production isn't scheduled until December, which means initial processor availability could be tight. With Intel struggling to reign in Prescott power consumption and IBM apparently struggling to produce PowerPC 970FX processors in sufficient quantity, let's hope AMD has better luck with its 0.09-micron chips.

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