Poll time: the future of spam

We all hate spam, and the problem is ever present in the minds of many of us who receive thousands of nasty messages per day. Now, the big ISPs and standards makers are working together on a range of legal and technical initiatives to try to kill this nuisance once and for all. The question is: will they succeed, or more properly, how much success will they achieve? Have a look into your crystal ball, then go vote.

Last time around, we asked what would be motivating your next hardware upgrade. A gaudy 31% of you are waiting for new CPU sockets, 939 and LGA775, leading the pack. Nearly a quarter, 23%, are waiting on new GPUs from NVIDIA and ATI, while 20% are eyeing PCI Express. Only 7% anticipate making a change in order to get into the BTX form factor, but a healthy 19% chose "other," perhaps waiting with bated breath for a new USB key drive standard.

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