Magnetic storage limits tested

The headline on this AP story isn't quite right, but the essence of the story is interesting. Scientists at Stanford University used a particle accelerator to test the absolute limits of magnetic storage. Apparently, once particles fired at a magnetic surface reach speeds near the speed of light, bad things happen, and data can't be written reliably.

The scientists point out, however, that magnetic storage can still get 1,000 times faster than it is today before we hit this rarefied air. Seagate's CTO also chimes in with a statement of unconcern:

"Certainly we are not going to start packaging linear accelerators into hard disk drives, so the kinds of speeds achieved in these experiments would never be observed in an actual recording device," Kryder said. "It's not something that's going to impact anything we're contemplating in hard disk drives."
So no worries. Yet.
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