At last, a new Netscape

I was whisked away to the 'net's golden days yesterday afternoon as I downloaded the just-released Netscape 6 "preview release." The days before AOL and Microsoft had discovered (and subsequently bought, debased, and monopolized) the Internet. Betas were still called betas, *nix was running all the servers, and Windows was on the desktop.

Anyhow, the Netscape 6 beta (download it here) looks a heckuva lot like the later milestone releases of Mozilla. I'm not 100% sure what to think of it yet, but I do have some likes and dislikes. I like the small program size, the fast page rendering, and the colorful look of the thing. But I really, really, must have autocomplete. And what is up with not using standard Windows menus and GUI widgets? That kind of thing just causes problems in the long run. Also, the page renderer doesn't always seem to get fonts "right," compared to Netscape 4.x and IE5.

What do you guys think of it? And where'd Netscape 5 go?

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