Dell will use Opteron, says AMD's Ruiz

Hector de Ruiz, CEO of AMD, claims that Dell will be selling Opteron systems. If Dell had the Hammer, Ruiz says, it would not be in the morning or the evening, but soon, and all over this land. He feels that the company will eventually follow the other top tier server makers, all of whom make Opteron-based systems:
I've always thought that Dell does not like to be a leader in technology, that they were a strong follower... but I didn't realize they were going to be dead last [with Opteron].

At the event marking Opteron's one year launch anniversary, Ruiz was bold enough to give a timeline for Dell adoption:

"Dell will do what a great company always does," Ruiz said. "It listens to its customers. I believe Dell will be here when we have our two-year anniversary of Opteron."

It is known that Dell continues to evaluate AMD hardware, but sources say there is no timeline for an Opteron product.

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