The HardOCP beats on Abit's VIA 133A board

The VIA 133A chipset looks like the best platform for the Pentium III these days, and yet.. and yet.. performance issues linger, as the ancient Intel BX chipset casts its long shadow over all the newer chipsets. Leave it to Kyle to put Abit's 133A through the wringer and dish up the straight dirt on its performance.

You may also want to check out my bud Loki's VT6X4 review at Ars for comparison. He's been all over the RAM transfer rate issue on these VIA boards.

By the way, have you noticed how very hard the HardOCP has been lately? Unscratchable, inflexible, shatterproof hard. Kyle's kicked it into top gear over there. Catch his Abit GeForce review if you missed it. Fun to watch.

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