ABIT announces Fatal1ty mobos, contest

The gaming tie-ins for hardware makers and vendors are getting thick these days, but this one is a little unique, featuring as it does hometown boy Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. Abit will be launching a series of Fatal1ty-branded mobos and graphics cards at this year's E3, along with a contest:
Fatal1ty will be at E3 in booth #6453 Kentia Hall answering challenges from 100 show attendees in four-minute Fatal1ty shootouts. Challengers can win $1000 if they are able to beat Fatal1ty and other prizes can be won for scoring points against him.
I have seen the man play, and I don't anticipate coming away from that contest with a grand, lemme tell you. Maybe I could win an ABIT pen or something if one of my giblets managed to injure him.
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