RIAA lawsuits scare off some song swappers

According to this story over at InformationWeek, the RIAA's legal tactics may actually be scaring some song swappers straight. Apparently, more than 17 million Americans have stopped downloading music over the Internet, many out of fear that the RIAA could come knocking.
A third of the former downloaders--nearly 6 million--say they stopped because of the highly publicized lawsuits filed by the recording industry since last summer against more than 1,000 users.
Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that, of Internet users who have never downloaded music, three of five wouldn't start for fear of the RIAA's wrath. That's not all. Of those who are still downloading music, 38% claim to be doing so less frequently because of the RIAA's lawsuits. However, the same survey indicates that a higher percentage of Internet users is sharing music, video, and other files over the Internet than ever before. So, while the RIAA's aggressive legal tactics won't put an end to the illegal sharing of copyrighted material anytime soon, it looks like the industry group's legal wrangling may have at least slowed the growth of song swapping.
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