Radeon 9100 IGP goes mini-ITX

Xbit Labs has the goods on a new motherboard from IBASE Technology that squeezes ATI's RS300M chipset into a mini-ITX package. The MB870 measures just 170mm x 170mm, but it supports Pentium 4 processors up to 3.2GHz on an 800MHz front-side bus. Thanks to the RS300M, a mobile version of ATI's Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP, the board also has integrated DirectX 8.1-class graphics.

Integrated DirectX 8.1-class graphics certainly makes the mini-ITX platform's lack of an AGP slot easier to swallow, however, the MB870's single DIMM slot will prevent users from taking full advantage of the chipset's dual-channel memory controller, halving the memory bandwidth available to the integrated graphics core. The board doesn't come cheap, either. With a reported price tag of $285, the MB870 costs nearly twice as much as a VIA EPIA-M10000, and the EPIA comes with a 1GHz C3 processor.

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