Dual-core Opterons coming next year

eWeek has a great interview with AMD CEO Hector Ruiz that covers everything from the company's relationship with Dell to Opteron's recent success. The interview also contains this juicy nugget on dual-core Opterons:
One of the most powerful things next year is going to be our dual-core product. To me, that's going to really shock the hell out of everyone, because it's going to be hardware-compatible, infrastructure-compatible, pin-compatible. I mean, people that have a 2-P system can slap in a dual-core product and end up with a 4-P system for the price of a 2-P. That's been the biggest drawback, everyone tells me. What keeps them from going from a 2-P to a 4-P system? It's price.
Spicy indeed.

The interview also reveals that we'll see Opteron processors in blade servers by the end of the year. However, Ruiz doesn't say whether blades will use AMD's current low-power Opteron HE and EE processors or upcoming chips built using 0.09-micron fabrication technology.

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