Highway to Hell

AOHell, to be more precise. Take a look at this Wired article that discusses some new Internet devices. Basically, they're thin-client boxes built by Gateway that run Linux, but they're "instant-on, dedicated AOL-only machines designed to boot immediately and connect only to the ISP giant." Kill me. Kill me now.

According to the CTO at Gateway, these things are supposed to complement a regular PC, and the convenience is apparently that you can stick them in any room of the house. They're expected to go for around $500. I have never heard a more convincing argument for a $400 eMachine and $100 monitor in my life. I think the best we can hope for at this point is that somebody pulls an I-Opener on these things.

My favorite part of this isn't even in the article, it's in the subhead for the link on the main page: "Three new devices offer direct access to America Online's service and nothing else. AOL executives say it's just what every Internet user wants." I'll leave it to the reader to comment on that statement. I'm too busy laughing.

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