Intel drops Windows 9x support for new chipsets

DigiTimes is reporting that Intel's upcoming Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets won't come with drivers for Windows 98 or ME. Intel's new chipsets are supposedly compatible with Windows 98 and ME, but Intel won't be releasing drivers because those operating systems apparently won't run their new chipsets efficiently enough.

Since Windows 98 is no longer commercially available and ME's system builder availability is scheduled to run out at the end of June, it's really no surprise that Grantsdale and Alderwood's Windows drivers will be 2k/XP only. And really, it would just be wrong to run Windows 9x on a bleeding edge next-gen chipset.

Though somewhat unrelated, the DigiTimes article also goes on to mention that both SiS and VIA's next generation Pentium 4 chipsets have taped out. However, neither next-gen chipset is expected to reach the market until the third quarter of this year.

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