Torched passed at AMD

The opening lines of the press release tell the story:
SUNNYVALE, CA - April 29, 2004 - AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that AMD president and chief executive officer Hector Ruiz was appointed chairman of the board following its annual stockholders meeting. AMD co-founder and former chairman of the board W.J. Sanders III was elected a director and appointed chairman emeritus in honor of his three decades of leadership. Mr. Sanders also advised his colleagues that he was retiring from the Board of Directors.
So Jerry "Colonel" Sanders is completing his transition to retirement, but not before seeing AMD score some major coups with the Hammer architecture, including leading the industry to x86 64-bit instructions and, apparently, helping to force some major roadmap changes at Intel. Hector Ruiz obviously succeeds him with a great deal of authority. We'll be interested to see if Ruiz makes any major changes now that this transition is complete.
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