Dothan to debut, finally

PC World is reporting that Intel will finally unveil its Dothan Pentium M processor next week. Built using 0.09-micron fabrication technology, Dothan will feature a whopping 2MB of L2 cache and is expected to debut with clock speeds around 1.7GHz. Of course, Dothan won't be sold on clock speed; the chip will apparently use a new processor model number scheme that may obfuscate clock speeds in favor of BMW-style model numbers.

When Intel's 0.09-micron Prescott Pentium 4 processor launched with higher than expected power consumption and toasty operating temperatures, there was some concern that Dothan would be plagued by similar problems. High power consumption and heat dissipation are at least manageable in desktop systems, but they can be detrimental to mobile applications. However, Intel's vice president and general manager of mobile processors claims that Dothan will provide the same level of battery life as current Banias-core Pentium M chips, and with better performance, too.

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