AMD beats Intel in retail desktop sales

For the week ending April 24th, desktop computers with processors from Intel were outsold by AMD-based desktops, according to work by research outfit Current Analysis. However, Intel took the overall lead, powering 61% of all systems sold that week, thanks to a healthy 81% share of the mobile processor market, and the company is likely to retain its 80%+ share of the overall x86 market.

Analyst Toni Duboise explains the numbers:

Desktop sales account for 60 percent of the overall PC market, and AMD has made its greatest strides against Intel in that category, the analyst notes. PC companies such as Hewlett-Packard have started to sell more AMD PCs at retail. In particular, HP introduced three new Pavilion models that helped AMD beat Intel for the week, Duboise says.

But desktop PCs based on Intel technology are about to get a boost with the introduction of the Grantsdale chipset expected this quarter. Grantsdale will improve overall system performance with support for the PCI Express interconnect technology, faster DDR2 (double data rate 2) memory, and an integrated wireless access point. Intel's desktop partners are expected to introduce new systems once Grantsdale is formally introduced.

Soon, we'll find out just how eagerly the market is awaiting all-new slots and sockets.
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