NVIDIA firewall certified by ICSA

The hardware/software firewall built in to NVIDIA's new nForce3 250Gb chipset just got a boost in the form of an ICSA certification. Sayeth the press release:
To earn ICSA Labs’ coveted certification, NVIDIA submitted nForce-based motherboards incorporating NVIDIA Personal Firewall to ICSA Labs who tested the operability, functionality, and vulnerability of the NVIDIA personal firewall solution. The extensive testing program, entirety created and controlled by the Lab Services Program within ICSA Labs, was designed to evaluate security and administrative functionality, and rate the overall effectiveness of NVIDIA Firewall in a litany of different scenarios, including Denial of Service (DoS), Trojan attacks, and application hijacking.
You can read the report yourself through the magic of the Internet. Our review of the nForce3 250Gb is online right here, as well.
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