Dr. Damage asks: Acquiring an OEM case?

Kev e-mailed me with an excellent question:
Sorry to bug you with this one, but I figured you might be one of the best to ask.

A co-worker of mine is looking for a new case, saw a micron millenium ad, and is trying to find out how to get one.
Would you happen to know who produces their cases?
Your help would be appreciated.

Seems like a simple question, no? But not so easy. OEM cases are some of the very best I've seen. The Dell, Gateway, and Micron mini-towers are very well designed and engineered, with room for all the right stuff in a compact package. But as far as I know, you can't get 'em.

As far as I know.

But certainly someone out there knows where one could pick up a minitower case similar to the spiffy OEM cases. Surely somebody sells some version of one of 'em. Anybody know?

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