Accusations fly over Far Cry renaming issue

I caught wind of this one some time last week, but I didn't mention it since it seemed like a bit of a non-issue. However, you guys are e-mailing about it, so perhaps I was wrong. The folks at Chip Online have found that GeForce 6800 performance drops precipitously when one renames the executable for Far Cry from FarCry.exe to FartCry.exe. The article is available in German.

From what I gather using translation tools, NVIDIA says renaming the executable deactivates the Z culling fix for the game that NVIDIA built into its 61.11 drivers. However, the online translator thingy isn't exactly producing crystal clarity. If that's the sum total of the changes affected by renaming the file, I have a hard time getting worked up over it. Done right, Z culling shouldn't affect image quality, and other cards no doubt use Z culling to achieve the performance they do. However, NVIDIA's behavior with regard to drivers and benchmark optimizations over the past couple of years may make charges of cheating hard to shake.

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