And you thought a GHz box was expensive

Check out what is possibly the most expensive box available with a PIII in it. ZDNet has an article on the Yamaha Disklavier Pro 2000. It's sort of the ultimate player piano; it has its own monitor and can be controlled via voice commands. The lucky owner can load a DVD into the thing and watch a performance on the monitor, while the piano keys and pedals play themselves exactly as the artist on the screen does. The price for all this wonderment? A mere $333,000.

Ironically, Yamaha designed the thing as a sort of "concept piano." They were going to build a few of them to tour the country for people to ooh and ahh over. They showed them off at a trade show, and 12 dealers ordered the thing. That means that at twelve separate locations in the country, there are people who would pay $333,000 for a computerized piano. Just kick back and think about that for a second. Unless, of course, you're one of those people, in which case you should send me a couple hundred grand before kicking back; it's not like you can't afford it.

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