Convergence DISCovered in console prototypes

GameSpot has coverage of the DISCover game consoles demoed at E3 this week. Alienware, ABS, Onkyo, and Teac have shown prototypes, and ATI has partnered up to supply graphics for at least one of them. The DISCover software aims to make these puppies work smoothly as true PC-derived consoles.
Simply drop a regular PC game disc into the system, and the console automatically installs the game for you. The console will then automatically launch the game whenever you insert the game disc into the machine. The console uses an embedded version of Windows XP, and a third-party application will handle downloads for game patches and mods.
Some of the manufacturers also demoed the boxes running "media applications available outside of PC gaming including the ability to store, manage, and display digital images as well as audio files." Many of the prototype systems used familiar hardware, including Shuttle XPCs and the Antec Aria case.
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