ATI cheating allegations surface

Ronald mentioned this story in the 'bread this weekend, but it's probably worth a separate mention. This article at alleges ATI is doing "brilinear" filtering on the X800 Pro, but detecting when colored mip maps (like we use in our image quality comparisons) are present and turning off the optimization. (English translation here.) If all the things alleged here are true, this is evidence of damn near undeniable intent to deceive on the part of ATI. There are already long threads on the subject at Beyond3D and Rage3D.

I simply do not have time to investigate these issues myself today, and there is every chance we're seeing something less sinister than suspected. Still, some of the screenshots indicate real differences in trilinear filtering between the 9800 and the X800. If you have time, you may want to read through some of the discussion and see what you think.

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