ATI responds to cheating allegations

ATI has responded to the recent "brilinear" cheating allegations leveled by According to an official statement obtained by the Inquirer, differences in screenshots between the Radeon 9800 XT and X800 are the result of a new filtering algorithm, not application-specific cheats:
Our algorithm for image analysis-based texture filtering techniques is patent-pending. It works by determining how different one mipmap level is from the next and then applying the appropriate level of filtering. It only applies this optimization to the typical case – specifically, where the mipmaps are generated using box filtering. Atypical situations, where each mipmap could differ significantly from the previous level, receive no optimizations. This includes extreme cases such as colored mipmap levels, which is why tests based on color mipmap levels show different results. Just to be explicit: there is no application detection going on; this just illustrates the sophistication of the algorithm.
ATI goes on to point out that its drivers meet all of Microsoft's WHQL requirements for texture filtering and mip-mapping, and that they've been using this filtering method on their Radeon 9600 series cards for over a year. You can check out ATI's full response at The Inquirer.
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